about us


The American philosopher, John Dewey penned that "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself". As parents, our greatest contribution to ourselves, our communities, our countries and children, is the investment of educating our children. Creating great citizens begins in the educational foundation of our children.

The Covalent Learning Center (CovLC) name was derived from the chemistry concept of covalent bonding - forming of chemical bonds from the sharing of electron pairs between atoms resulting in stable, strong molecules. As an organization, we are responsive to the global interruption at different levels of our education system and society which has left teachers perplexed, the educational systems stretched and parents grappling with increased need to teach their children at home. CovLC seeks to address these challenges faced by students, parents, teachers and educators by presenting affordable, quality online tutoring to Grades 4- 12 students, college students and for exam takers (SAT, Pre-Sat, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT). Our current focus begins with English, Math and the Sciences. As we grow, we are adding mentoring programs, behavioral counseling, speech pathology as well as internship and externship programs. Additionally, we are open to the prospect of customizing services to schools, school systems and large groups.

The diversified principals of CovLC comprise a global team from North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Our team has a range of professionals including university professors, school superintendents, engineers, physicians, teachers, pastors and chief executive officers. Common threads through our backgrounds include our humble beginnings, the presence of parents and grandparents who believed and invested heavily into our education and our appreciation for education as a building foundation for the future. We understand your challenges, we share your dreams and we can make your ambitions a reality. Let us build a partnership together ensuring that our children continue to learn, get the right knowledge, graduate with excellent grades and attend the schools that will propel them to greatness. Join us as we make learning simple!

Corporate Commitment

We are firmly committed to our students, parents, and to all educators and teachers who form an educational bond with us. Our commitment is to provide the highest-quality tutoring by ensuring that all our tutors undergo rigorous recruitment and selection, as well as continuous assessment. We guarantee that each student will be treated with respect, honesty and professionalism.

Our Culture

To help students succeed

We are responsible to our students, parents, teachers, school boards and the communities in which we work. We promote an organization in which:


To provide high-quality tutoring for English, Math and Science subjects while maximizing, sharing, and building strong learning bonds among the many students we encounter.


Be a leading national tutoring center, connecting and delivering successful English, Math, and Science results.

Our Responsibility

We are ultimately responsible to our students, parents, and teachers. Our business will maintain and deliver a culture of greater understanding, and better grades for our English, Math and Science students.

Leadership Philosophy

Our leadership culture is driven by highly-principled leaders, who will employ a participative management approach. We seek to become educational partners with schools and educational institutions. Our highest objective is the safety of the students who utilize our services, ensuring each student gets higher grades, gets into the college of their choice or graduates with better grades. We will become part of the communities where we do business. We will adopt schools in need and provide free or low-cost options to those students who cannot afford our services. We create strong learning bonds between tutors and students. We make learning simple!